We know all the secrets to create an AMAZING wedding decoration.


      Decorating a wedding goes beyond setting a beautiful table. For us, it involves creating a dynamic design which reflects your personalities and makes your guests feel like you’ve taken care of every detail and planned a GREAT event for them to enjoy.

      We’re a team of expert creatives, interior designers and wedding trendsetters. We love creative lighting, graphic design and floral styling. We love searching for and selecting special materials from rental companies. We have good contacts within the sector and know how to work magic. Let us show you how!

      We know how to match your style and reproduce it in our decorations; we’re able to adapt to spaces and transform them. As professional designers we know the trends and secrets necessary to make your wedding decoration amazing.

      Take a look at our portfolio and social networks to see what we’re up to.

      If you want to know more about this service and our fees, just send us an email or fill out the form here and we’ll reply as soon as possible