Bodas de Cuento was born in Zaragoza in 2009 and was created by Wendy and Jose. Since then, we have worked in more than 400 weddings all over Spain, gained 9 years of experience and never stopped growing.

Marina joined our team in 2012 and thanks to her we opened our office in Barcelona. A few months later Ricky signed up and started working in tandem with Marina in Barcelona. Our team consists of event planning specialists, production experts, topographers, journalists, publicists, etc. We all have different profiles but share the same passion: weddings and our job as wedding planners and designers. We love what we do.
In 2013, the Spanish publishing house Planeta gave us the opportunity to come up with a book about how to organize and design a wedding, the first one written by wedding planners in Spain. Our book “¡Sí, quiero! Ideas geniales para diseñar tu boda” (Yes, I will! Great ideas to design your wedding) became a best seller from the moment when it was released, the first edition was sold out in two days after its launch and it has been referred as a benchmark for the sector. And, in 2016, again with Planeta, we released our last book: La Agenda de Nuestra Boda. 

This is us, do want to get to know us? //Photos from Raquel Benito //

Wendy - Wedding Planner Bodas de CuentoJose - Bodas de Cuento
Ricky - Bodas de Cuento - Wedding Planner Barcelonabodas de cuento book
Marina - Bodas de Cuento Barcelona