The perfect wedding is beautiful but also well-coordinated

      Decoration + Coordination

      Decoration and styling are important factors at a wedding and we’re experts in both, but it’s also important that you enjoy your wedding to the full and don’t have to try to keep everything under control. Hey! Our Bodas de Cuento Team will do it for you!

      With nearly 400 weddings under our belts, we’ve resolved almost every unforeseen event you could imagine (all sorts of unexpected situations can arise on your wedding day, causing you a great deal of stress). Our team will take care of the coordination of the event, as well as the decoration and styling, so that everything runs smoothly and you can enjoy every moment.

      If you’ve already planned your wedding and hired your suppliers but you want to be able to enjoy your day without any worries or concerns, this is the ideal service for you.

      If you want to know more about this service and our fees, just send us an email or fill out the form here and we’ll reply as soon as we can.