In Bodas de Cuento we love our job. We have worked in more than 400 weddings and gained 9 years of experience exclusively focusing on designing, organizing and producing weddings. This has allowed us to become specialists in PERSONALIZED WEDDINGS. Whether you are starting from scratch and don’t even have a date or a place for the celebration, or you are looking for that “wow effect” that we achieve with our decorations, we can help you.

Imagine you can count on a professional team capable of getting your style, understanding what you have in mind and suggesting ideas that you love. We place at your disposal our creativity, experience and knowledge of the sector to make your wedding the best wedding ever.

And this is how we do it: we suggest and you decide, you will always be in control of your wedding. This way, our advice and recommendations are always profesional, objective and impartial. We work on your wedding as if it were our own.

These are the services we offer:

destination wedding spain

This is our most extensive service. It’s personalized and customized service adapted to each engaged couple. It doesn’t matter in what organizational stage you are or if you haven’t decided anything yet, not even the date. We advise and guide you from the very beginning up until your wedding day. Relieve the stress of coping with having to work and organize your wedding at the same time.

decoration wedding planner

This service is thought for those couples who believe that their wedding decorative design can’t be disregarded, those who want their wedding to always be remembered as a beautiful and special event. Yes, just like all those weddings you see on blogs and Pinterest. It’s difficult for you to turn ideas into actions, but you are in the right place to get the sensational result that you’re looking for.

coordination wedding planner

During the first months of preparations you have done everything on your own, but now you are exhausted. There are so many details you need to pay attention to that on your wedding day you will be more concerned about keeping everything under control than having fun. It’s time to hand over the baton. As our manifesto says, you should “laugh, jump and weep”. We will take care of the rest.