Talking about our offices is talking about development. Wendy and Jose know this very well. When they started working as wedding planners, back in 2009, they couldn’t even imagine they would register the term ‘cuentiofi’ (a game of words that merges “cuento” and “office”). Our first small office (or “cuentiofi”) was located in St. Vicente de Paúl. After a couple of years, these scarce 270 sq ft grew smaller as the company grew bigger. While searching for the perfect working place, they found an open 1075-sq-ft office where they’ve almost established their “second home”. The current office is not only the place where Wendy and Jose work, but also where our Bodas de Cuento School’s courses for wedding planners take place.

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Cuentiofi - Wedding Planner Zaragoza

Meet the Team

Wendy - Wedding Planner Bodas de Cuento
Jose - Bodas de Cuento