It doesn’t matter where you’re getting married, in Bodas de Cuento we want to be your wedding planners. We work ALL OVER SPAIN, although our offices are located in Zaragoza and Barcelona. If you like everything you’ve seen so far, you believe we can help you and want to meet us, come visit us (PRIOR APPOINTMENT REQUIRED) and we’ll have a chat about your wedding over a coffee.

If you want to contact us, email at: 

Please tell us what kind of information you want us to give you. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that we are planning weddings during most part of the year and carrying them out during the rest of it, so it may take us a few days to reply to your email. Thanks for your understanding!

Oficina Bodas de Cuento - Zaragoza

From our office in Zaragoza we design and produce weddings in Aragón, Madrid, Northern and Eastern Spain, Andalusia and…maybe yours? Wendy, Jose and Idoia will welcome you there. PRIOR APPOINTMENT REQUIRED.

Calle Don Jaime I, No. 35, 1º Centro. 50003 ZARAGOZA
976 390 394 // 687 605 601

Learn more about our office in Zaragoza

Oficina Bodas de Cuento - Barcelona

If you’re planning on getting married in Catalonia, our office in Barcelona is the place for. Marina and Ricky will be pleased to share a coffee with you! Please, bear in mind that PRIOR APPOINTMENT IS REQUIRED.

Calle Casanova, No 46, 3º 3ª. 08011 BARCELONA
930 089 456 // 699 395 309

Learn more about our office in Barcelona